Taiwan’s Scariest Suspension Bridge

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Double Dragon Waterfall

Taiwan’s longest suspension footbridge was not technically open to the public, but we dared to cross it anyhow. After a confusing drive through a small mountain village in Nantou County, we finally were able to track down the exact location of the bridge that led to “Double Dragon Waterfall.” Originally, I had only heard about it through one blog post that gave us just enough information about its location on this Google map. Unfortunately, our cell reception was bad so we came super close to giving up on it altogether. I’m so glad we didn’t, because it was spectacular.

suspension bridge to double dragon waterfall

We parked our rental car and hiked up a hill where we saw two construction workers standing next to their truck. There was a few directions we could have taken at this crossroad, so I motioned to them about a bridge, and they nodded and said “poo poo” then pointed to go down the hill. Apparently, poo poo means waterfall in Chinese, so that was a good sign. When we finally got a glimpse of it, we were speechless (and a bit scared) because it was so much longer than you can tell in a picture. The bridge lay across a long, deep valley in the mountains and you could see directly across to two almost identical waterfalls on the other end of it. The bridge is actually just for servicemen who work with the water company, as it runs large water pipes from the waterfalls to the other end (and presumably into the nearby village). That being said, it doesn’t have any netting below it and there really aren’t many places to hold on as you cross minus one small rope. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

suspension bridge to double dragon waterfall suspension bridge to double dragon waterfall

suspension bridge to double dragon waterfall

suspension bridge to double dragon waterfall

I had to be brave for the group, and with a bit of false confidence I gleefully began walking across it. Grant really hates heights and I could tell Becca was nervous as well, so I had to convince them it was all good (especially since it was my idea to take them there in the first place). The thing about this bridge is, it is so long it gave me time to question this reckless decision of mine and once I was literally 3/4 done, I clammed up. I let Sarah catch up to me and told her I wasn’t sure I was gonna finish. She volunteered to go ahead of me, and as all of us met up on the other side we breathed a sigh of relief together. It was quite the bonding experience. As our heart rates returned to normal, we climbed up into the water and took a dip in the waterfalls. They were definitely worth the trouble to get up close to, and the water, clear and blue, felt amazing on that hot day.

double dragon waterfall

double dragon waterfall

double dragon waterfall

Crossing the bridge to go back was way less tense and we could actually enjoy the beauty of our surroundings as we looked out into the valley. We couldn’t have gotten a more perfect day for our little excursion.


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  1. Jamie Jacob

    Yikes !! I am nervous just reading this ! Double dragon waterfall , oh my ! It’s really something to see though and I am glad you all finished and didn’t leave anyone on the other side !

  2. Choon Theng SG

    Wow… Thank you for sharing this for the faint-hearted could never experience that majestic view so up close and personal. Bravo!

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